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Smart Brown Catering is a small professional catering company that has been working hard to provide quality products to the corporate market for the past 10 years. Our food is made from the freshest ingredients in our commercial kitchen located in Box Hill and delivered in our refrigerated van. Smart Brown Catering is a Five Star Rated Food Business with the City of Whitehorse.


Smart Brown Catering cater all types of corporate catering, social functions, private parties, wakes, school functions and club functions . Our speciality is the traditional sandwich. Packed with flavour and freshness and presented to suit any occasion. Our sweets and finger foods are also all handmade in our kitchen and make beautiful additions to any lunch or morning / afternoon tea.


Our menus are extensive. We have Sandwich Menus, Morning and Afternoon tea Menus, Finger Food Menus and Salad Box Menus. We try to cover all dietaries and tastes but if there is something more specific you are after just let us know and we will do our best to provide it!


We look forward to hearing from you soon……


Brett and Kate

Smart Brown Catering

The following is a list of types of sandwiches and the list of fillings we now fill our sandwiches, bagels, rolls and wraps with.

Choose from the following and we fill them with 5 different fillings, usually 3 meat and 2 vegetarian…

  • Point sandwiches $590
  • Ribbon sandwiches $650
  • Vienna sandwiches $750
  • Sourdough sandwiches $750
  • Ciabatta rolls $850
  • Baguettes $830
  • Lunch rolls $750
  • Pita wraps $830
  • Tortilla wraps $650
  • Dinner rolls $425
  • Bagels $450
  • Cheese platters $575
  • Fruit platters $450


  • Marinated lamb and and greek salad
  • Morroccan chicken with coriander yoghurt, cucumber, snow pea sprouts and coz lettuce
  • Roasted pumpkin with fetta, rocket, red onion and capsicum
  • Roast lamb with taboulleh, lettuce and tatziki
  • Corn beef with mustard pickle, cucumber, tomato and lettuce
  • Roast beef with potato salad, horseradish cream and lettuce
  • Roast pumpkin, capsicum, green bean, egg and pinenut salad
  • Mushroom, cream cheese, spinach and sundried tomato
  • Swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce and asparagus
  • Pesto chicken with parmesan, snow peas and lettuce
  • Roast beef with asparagus, tomato relish, coz and tomato
  • Egg with carrot, cucumber, snow pea sprouts and lettuce
  • Curry coriander egg with spinach and celery
  • Chive and bacon egg mix with tomato and lettuce
  • Roast beef, fetta, beetroot, tomato relish and lettuce
  • Turkey, cream cheese, roast capsicum, cranberry, cucumber and lettuce
  • Roast pork with coleslaw, swiss cheese and lettuce
  • Ham, avocado, swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce
  • Ham, cheese, tomato
  • Ham, tomato, coleslaw and lettuce
  • Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, cucumber and lettuce
  • Smoked salmon, potato and chive with cucumber and lettuce
  • Tuna mix with capsicum, carrot, corn and lettuce
  • Pink salmon, cucumber, lemon dill mayo and asian lettuce
  • Salami with roast capsicum, fetta, olive tapenade mayo, tomato and spinach
  • Chicken schnitzel sand with coleslaw, tomato relish and lettuce
  • Chicken, avocado, lettuce and celery
  • Pastrami, capsicum, cream cheese, tomato and lettuce
  • Tandoori chicken with cucumber, lettuce,
  • snow pea sprouts mayonnaise and lettuce
  • Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, cream cheese and roast red capsicum
  • Swiss cheese, beetroot, avocado, tomato, cucumber and lettuce
  • Cajun chicken, bacon, salsa, avocado and lettuce

This is a new and exciting range of salads that can be used in many ways. With the exception of 2 salads they are all Gluten free, there are many vegetarian options and they can be adopted to suit many other dietary requirements.


They are all freshly made to order in our kitchen from quality fresh produce. They can be served in three ways, as:

Individual serve boxes
in disposable packaging

Buffet style
on platter

Plated as
individual serves



  • Roasted pumpkin, capsicum, green bean and egg salad
  • Vegetarian rice paper rolls with tatsoi, bean shoot, red capsicum, snow pea and carrot salad
  • Nori rolls with rice noodle salad of corn, coriander, carrot and spinach served
  • Roasted eggplant, baked tomato and zucchini salad with bocconcini and fresh greens
  • Asparagus, roasted beetroot and red onion with fetta
  • Rice salad with coriander, carrot, corn, capsicum, red onion, snow pea sprouts and rocket
  • Traditional coleslaw
  • Steamed chat potato salad with fresh herbs and dijonnaise dressing
  • German potato salad with cucumber and vinaigrette dressing
  • Baked vegetable frittata with green bean and asparagus, roasted pumpkin, olive, fetta, spinach salad
  • Broccolini and toasted almonds with lemon and basil dressing
  • Maple glazed sweet potato, pumpkin and walnut salad with crispy bacon and wedges of egg
  • Tuna nicoise
  • Cajun chicken with chilli, baby corn, roasted sweet potato, coriander and tomato rice salad
  • Black bean marinated beef with mint and coriander rice noodle and tatsoi
  • Marinated lamb with traditional greek salad
  • Moroccan chicken or lamb with sweet potato, coriander dried fruits and nut cous cous
  • Rocket, red onion and sprouts with cucumber, smoked salmon and croutons dressed in lemon and dill mayo
  • Chicken, avocado, coz lettuce, tomato, cucumber and roasted capsicum
  • Prawn cocktail with coz and avocado
  • Pepper herb beef with roasted carrots, parsnip, zucchini salad and mustard dressing
  • Thai beef salad
  • Chicken tandoori with spinach, cucumber, mint and toasted almond salad with a yoghurt dressing
  • Herb marinated beef or lamb with green beans, roasted capsicum, parmesan and rocket
  • Pork loin with celery ,baby coz, date and sultana slaw
  • Honey pepper beef or chicken with stirfried vegetables and baby corn salad
  • Fresh grilled salmon with roasted parsley potato, egg and bean salad
  • **Chicken ceasar salad
  • **Roasted Mediterranean pasta salad; eggplant, cherry tomatoes, basil and roast capsicum with pesto chicken


** Not available GF

  • Baked plain scones with jam and cream or date scones $315
  • Muffins large with fruit , chocolate and nut flavourings $315
  • Muffins small with fruit, chocolate and nut flavourings $195
  • Selection of slices; passionfruit, chocolate brownie, raspberry frangipani, lemon, chocolate and date $315
  • Portugese tarts $295
  • Macaroons $195
  • Custard fruit Danish $230
  • Mini tarts; lemon, nut or custard fruit $195
  • Slices of cake; apple tea cake, banana with lemon icing, chocolate with ganache icing or carrot with cream cheese icing $365
  • Doughnuts filled with custard or jam $235
  • Caramel slice Gluten free $400
  • Raspberry and lemon friands Gluten free $350
  • Vanilla slice Gluten free $400
  • Chocolate brownie Gluten free $300
  • Muffins large Gluten free $365
  • Muffins small Gluten free $225

Gluten free Gluten Free

  • Homemade sausage rolls with tomato sauce $210
  • Chicken and mushroom/Beef burgundy pie with relish $210
  • Satay chicken skewers Gluten free $210
  • Crumbed fish goujons with lemon and dill sauce Gluten free $210
  • Chicken schnitzels with orange mustard dressing Gluten free $210
  • Lamb kofta meatballs with cucumber and mint yoghurt Gluten free $210
  • Mushrooms filled with cream cheese, sundried tomato, walnuts and basil Gluten free Vegetarian $210
  • Assorted nori rolls Gluten free Vegetarian $210
  • Pumpkin risotto balls with pesto and parmesan Gluten free Vegetarian $210
  • Smoked salmon and dill or Corn and capsicum baked potatoes Gluten free Vegetarian $250
  • Suppli rice balls with melted cheese centres and relish Vegetarian $250
  • Corn fritters with chilli guacamole Vegetarian $250
  • Pumpkin and feta tart Vegetarian $250
  • Duck or Vegetable spring rolls Vegetarian $250
  • Lamb or Vegetable samosa Vegetarian $250
  • Spinach and ricotta pastries Vegetarian $250
  • Pizza with assorted fillings Vegetarian $250
  • Sugar cane beef meatballs with sweet chilli and lime dipping sauce $250
  • Blini topped with smoked salmon and horseradish cream $250
  • Goats cheese tarts with caramelized onion and thyme Vegetarian $250
  • Fresh asparagus spears with prociutto and orange mustard dressing Gluten free Vegetarian $250
  • Garlic prawns wrapped in wonton skins $250

Gluten free Gluten Free   Vegetarian Vegetarian


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